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3 Seconds Magic Eye Color First Aid

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3 Seconds Magic Eye Color First Aid

A total of 12 colors, color random hair, prices for a pair of prices, a box of which there are two pairs of

1. Charcoal color, silver, pearl color highlight
2. Dark brown, brown, pearl-color highlight
3. Gold, red, pearl color highlight
4. Gold, amber, pearl color highlight
5. Gold, green, pearl-color highlight
6. Red, copper, gold color highlight
7. Charcoal color, red, pearl color highlight
8. Silver, deep pink, pearl-color highlight
9. Symphony purple (double), pearl highlight
10. Blue, pink, pearl-color highlight
11. Green, orange, pearl-color highlight
12. Light brown, pink, pearl-color highlight 
What is the Eye majic?
Eye majic is the world's first and only kind of eye shadow makes you do not need any tools that can be used in cooperation with eye shadow. She abandoned the old eye shadow of the troubles, do not need any tools, including make-up brush and mirror, only 10 seconds to complete the Eyes. Choose a rich color eye shadow, all carefully selected, and with the target design has been completed according to international trends. 

How to Use Eye majic?
Exercise can often hear 『』 to perfection. However, this sentence from today may be rewritten! Eye majic is a kind of not be subject to Tactical Training, you can create a perfect makeup Eyes of the material. 3 easy steps, anyone can be of a perfect Olympic Island this product are produced in the United States has grown, and now the sale is produced in China, there are 12 kinds of colors for the election, wholesale box of 15 yuan or so, Inside is a pair, the effect is comparable with the professional makeup artist, often for the make-up disaster has MM who have fora. . . .

1: gently leveled eyebrows and eyelids part, the Eye majic soft reduction in the most close to the location of eyelashes are about 4 seconds. 

2: Use a little finger pressure colors, focus on the end of the direction of pull. Warm Tip: want to avoid the formation of the boundary can be used dirty back gently to open the borders and soft colors.  

3: If want to create another one with the unique-looking, you can mix different colors eye shadow added to the first one has been completed on the eye shadow can be. 

Eye majic ten advantages:

1.Eye majic of all colors have been a systematic analysis of the computer to create a number of different eye shadow combinations, so that users with eye shadow color to save time and trouble. On the other hand, Eye majic eyes, the color can be perfectly balanced, not go wrong.
2.Eye majic completely out of pollution, all from the machine building, will replace the dirty and disturbing make-up brush.
3.Eye majic eyes film can be used to dirty dyeing and finishing has been affixed to the eye shadow.
4. Anyone who can easily use the Eye majic. Even the housewives do not usually make-up can easily make a makeup artist with experience in the effect, not to waste too much like the old-style make-up powder eye shadow.
5.Eye majic all-mineral powder manufacture, can be completely stopped in the past make-up on the eyelids of the injury, not to be swept Larsson cosmetic eyelid.
6.Eye majic safe and clean, can be easily placed in bags for use at any time switch to makeup.
7.Eye majic environmentally-friendly packaging, 80% of the recyclable materials.
8.Eye majic not only in the shortest time to complete a perfect Eyes, more lasting effect than the old eye shadow.
9. About 60% of the world's make-up of women have given up because of Eye majic makeup again.
10.Eye majic is the world's fastest and most easy to use eye shadow. Because the former do not need to use eye shadow affixed to any foundation, the whole process only less than 10 seconds, and any eye-type suitable for use 
Star make-up charges too much, the most valuable assets is its superb soft Eyes gradient techniques, to tell the truth, civilian women find it difficult to self-study, or about to paint a shadow on the asymmetry, or that the transition is too abrupt. The stars make-up artists have strong competition, and to say that the shadow had just arrived from Australia posted, a collection of zero skill, speed, shock-ping the three keys to success, be called the invention of this century's greatest Dress.