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Acne cream Acne Japan cyclamens card without leaving marks 30g

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Acne cream Acne Japan cyclamens card without leaving marks 30g

Japan cyclamens card acne cream 

Japan imported high-acne products.

As for the youth during the hormonal role of disorders caused by excessive sebum secretion, but also the surface of the face or skin thickening of the stratum corneum, sebum and pore blockage caused by the export of the effect of the treatment of acne.


1, effective acne formula, the effect was significantly

Japan cyclamens acne cream brand specifically for Asian skin by developed Multiple Formula effective anti-acne formulations, anti-acne effect is remarkable, can effectively remove acne, prevent scar formation, 30 years, has always been of users.

Acne three steps:

Surface discharge oil to soften acne ---> to eliminate swelling healing ---> to prevent scarring

2, paste the design, a small amount of fine

Inheritance of fine Japanese products, and high efficiency of the Japanese cyclamens card acne cream to use as a carrier of high concentration of cream, just use that can effectively remove acne, prevent scar formation, making the skin smooth and delicate reproduction, even white glow time glory.

3, uniform standards, safe and reliable

To ensure the quality of global products, SS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Japan insist that all cyclamens brand products in Japan, uniform standards of production, making the supply of all products meet world best standards.


Sulfur 3.0%
Glycyrrhetic Acid 0.3%
Hydrophilic bas (Bentonite)

Size: 18g


Two to three times a day cream applied to the affected area will be moderate.

Clean and wash the face first, then around the Tucha in acne cream.

Rest or bedtime use, better results.


1) The discharge of sebum: acne can soften the surface, for discharge of sebum from the pores.
2) absorption, dry: can be left sebum absorption and make the acne affected area dry.
3) anti-inflammatory, bactericidal: Bacterial infection of the swelling could play an anti-inflammatory lesion, purulent role.


1) Regular cleaning face
Neutral Soap bubbles can be removed or face excess of sebum, as possession of dirty hair product is easy, Er Shi acne worse, so pay attention to hair and hands clean, to avoid pores may be stimulated to pay more attention when using hair dye.

2) diet
Avoid eating the oil dirty, too sweet and the food, in order to maintain smooth bowel movements. Should eat more vegetables and fruit fiber food.

3) to maintain normal living habits
Avoid too much tension should be to maintain adequate sleep and maintain a moderate amount of exercise.