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Beauty Detox Lose Weight Foot Odor

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Beauty Detox Lose Weight Foot Odor

Product Effectiveness:

O detoxification beauty, clear body of beauty, liposuction to lose weight, promote metabolism, enhance immune function;

O to promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath, and abdominal distention phenomenon, body sculpting Body;

O rid of impurities, purify the blood, improve pigmentation, acne, body odor, foot odor;

O dispel the body moisture, foot, or the pressure of rapid reduction of articular pain in arthritis, rheumatism troubles;

O-activated cells, to reproduce the skin healthy, glossy state, anti-aging;

O balance of the body organ, blood fat, lowering blood pressure, reduce blood sugar.



To adapt to the crowd:

1, beauty, weight loss groups
2, constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor
3, sub-health status groups
4, computer workers, work pressure, long-term radiation populations;
5, prolonged standing, walking persons;
6, neck, shoulders, waist, leg pain, swelling the crowd;
7, feet, legs were tired.
【Main ingredients】: Natural bamboo Health essence, natural mineral powder, negative ion, chitin, vitamin C, pure natural plant powder, orange essential oils, etc.

Whether obesity is caused by a variety of toxic silt stains, inflammation, patients often spend more time, the body cells of the existing record of all your custom functions (professional term called "the body orientation detoxification"), even if the short-term to improve the physical condition will have a great effect, but if immediately stop using the residual cells recorded in the original information practices, you will gradually regain its original status, which is a variety of chronic diseases, the mechanism of repeated attacks, so we recommend customers to persist in using the full 3 months, because the human body three months to the body's cells completely updated, so that newly formed cells in the human body there is no residual unhealthy memory to avoid the rebound and recurrence, whether they do learn anything particular about the "Hundred Days the foundation "is the reason.

【Why foot affixed to liposuction? 】 Bamboo Health is extracted from the Bamboo white crystalline powder whose molecular formula is: C9H10N2O - O2 PH value of 2.0-3.0 molecular beam is very small, the structure is very unstable, when the temperature effect by the foot has become very active, easily and fatty substances such as CnH2n + react to form a solid structure, and a white bamboo Health absorption of fat, a result of solid waste into a black paste, and distributed a special smell, while in other parts of the body effects are not so clear. Due to personal physical is different from the use of 3-4 consecutive cycles, bamboo Health color change: Black → → brown → yellow do not change color. At the same time you will truly feel the whole person refreshes posture becomes light has never been! The complete eradication of!
24 posts a course of treatment recommended for continuous use of two courses, and all the normal maintenance dosage was later changed to (2 times per week 4), persist in using the full 3 months.
Foot restaurant paste products are 5 grams of South Korean imports of raw materials kits are among the most advanced in the market, effectiveness and reputation for all to see
Incredible to see the effect of the see!
The next morning, to discover Bamboo Health Foot into a brown paste the real effect of Oh! !
O army tribute posted by foot detox foot reflex zones and the related role of the meridian, bamboo Health essence and other ingredients penetrate and participate in the circulatory system, in the cell cycle will be the body of toxins adsorbed stay out of the foot points and related reflex zones in the meridian (or other joints) to the body's waste, liquid waste and grease from the point of intercept, and resolve health bamboo bags, effective removal of body toxins and moisture Hisatsumi, magic, stable, durable visible effect is also felt.
O short period of time to eliminate skin pigmentation, acne, improve constipation, elimination of bad breath, foot odor, body sculpting Body, lower blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, improve skin luster, improve sleep and aging. Attached to the joints to eliminate pain and fatigue can play the role of the arthritis, cervical Yandeng have very good results.
O foot affixed to the body's moisture, toxins emitted from the foot, the effect visually visible, brown liquid foot out of shocking the body fat can also be broken down into fat ions pulled out from the foot to achieve weight loss function, the effect is obvious.
O foot affixed suction out the unnecessary from the body of water, lymph, waste oil, after the liquid becomes turbid, When you feel tired or have pain, uncomfortable places, Citie, the paste will become brown or black-bag-brown , waste oil, waste water were all being sucked out.
O old common cold rheumatic pain, swelling, leg Shen legs stiff, sprains, etc., after they have posted good results, through detoxification, pain will be reduced swelling will disappear, right shoulder pain, backache, joint pain, etc. significantly reduced the symptoms.
Foot & Veg bedtime will correspond to points on the plantar surface of the skin at or discomfort, to get up after the win

Adhesive when the positive and negative points, please obvious holes facing the soles of the feet, printing on a smooth surface attached to the glue. Plantar reflex points correspond to the Irazu, stick tight and fixed in the foot external glue, glue soft and no foreign body sensation.

~ Use the foot affixed, the bag of powder smoke out of the body oils, waste oil and other toxins into a sticky-like, and from white to brown or dark brown discoloration, which is expelled from the body toxins. Poor health, the deeper the color, there will be more moisture or grease discharge.

~ This product is affixed to the foot acupuncture points and meridians dense liquid waste at a large number of oil and other toxic emissions and paste will become brown bag, dark brown or black; paste it into the small office or joints will be points based on the severity of the disease release less toxins, patch pocket change will be weakened; paste it into the paste bags at no point will not change.

~ With the increase in the number of foot paste used, the body is constantly emit toxins begin to decrease in the faded affixed to the bag does not change, the body of the function gradually returned to normal, healthy state. Reduce the neck and back pain, apart from foot to be affixed, the neck and back pain but also parts of
Before and after the use of infra-red detection of foot enough to paste it does have a verification plan to absorb fat, waste, heavy metals and other effects
After use wipe with a tissue adhesive soles of the feet place.

1: Clean the foot skin, and remove the Bamboo Vinegar Foot & Veg in the paper among the ventilation holes for the skin!

2: Bamboo Vinegar Foot paste directly attached to the surface of the skin, joints, or soles of the feet!

3: use, tear off Bamboo Vinegar Foot paste, water clean the skin can be!

Recommends every night before bed, get up after the tear, the best time for 6-8 hours!


For external use only, baby, skin allergies, wounds, eczema, rash Do not

Such as skin feeling unwell, please stop using the line to be restored after the use of

Kaifeng, as soon as possible after use and stored in dry and baby's reach to

The initial period, plants will be dark brown powder essence, there's oily secretions of toxins from the body, is a normal phenomenon.

Due to physical condition of each person is different from the color of paste bag after use will be different, detoxification reactions and progress vary.

This product can adjust physiological function of women, so women can rest assured that the use of menstrual period.

This product in Japan, selling six consecutive years, swept through South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of Asia a new generation of detoxification products - bamboo Health detox foot paste, I have now in China. In vitro detoxification of this safety and health, novel fashion way completely out of detox products fight like oral history, is bound to set off a new round of detoxification revolution!