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Cleopatra's favorite crystal collagen eye gold foil 6g

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Cleopatra's favorite crystal collagen eye gold foil 6g


Gold element collagen VA VE witch hazel plant extract hyaluronic acid cell growth factor such as lavender essential oil

Main functions:
Mask with excellent natural moisturizing function of child nutrition, the skin has a strong sense of lubrication, a fast eliminate dark circles, reduce eye bags, eliminate eye puffiness, address the long-term use of eye shadow, eyeliner patterns generated by the skin, promote skin injury regeneration, to speed up eye circle, eye skin to quickly restore true colors, easily round your beautiful eyes dream!

Used by:

Irregular sleep and other life who often stays up late;
Improper diet over those who smoke;
Long-term use make-up or improper use of cosmetics were; menstrual period of women;
Loss of skin aging symptoms appear years of the crowd;
Long-term access to computers to see writing on television;
Sedentary office workers who drivers eye fatigue.

Gold foil is the introduction of Collagen Eye Institute of the United States the latest skin technology, with international advanced level of beauty and skin care products. Which focuses on men, women, eye pattern, eye bags, dark circles three eye cosmetic problem, and after long-term clinical proven beauty: short-term use, that can effectively eliminate the eye lines, eye bags, dark circles, use, can make your eye skin firmness and smooth, bright eyes and more attractive.