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Gold+Whiting Mask 12g

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Gold+Whiting Mask 12g

Years later, gold has again become the darling of the beauty industry!

【Metal line skin care products - Luxury debut】

Do not misunderstand this is not beauty chair and 18 bronze, Miss is a trial, but the latest bio-technology - the gold mask.

Legendary luxury beauty in the way of the international beauty exhibition in Tokyo, Japan on. According to the inventor of introduction, this gold is pure gold mask is processed through a special made, it applies to the aging of the skin into the modern woman. Because gold itself can promote the growth of skin cell renewal, so the mask for the restoration of skin elasticity, wrinkles Xiaoban unique effect.

Effect in the end to, or listen to how the trial who is to say, right?

Ogura customers in the United States: "gold mask deposited after the completion of my face began to feel hot. The whole process feels very luxurious, there is a feeling of being spoiled."

The legendary "golden Rejuvenation" was shown in Shanghai

"First COSMOPROF Shanghai Shanghai Beauty" exhibition 

Undoubtedly, the gold mask is 07 characters in the beauty industry is geared to the theme ~ ~ MM States

Cleopatra Houkeliao Petra Biography

She is an "exceptional woman"

"She has like a young girl as the slender body, a pair of shiny black eyes; high uplift of the nose appear more noble than the average woman; a glossy black hair, bring out the delicate white skin, so bare body such as fat Siyu; slight tilt of the lips, faint smile, hold a kind of enigmatic mystery. can be said that she is both charming oriental beauties, but also with the West remains charming beauty, reigning beauty indeed. "

Descendants gave her a nickname, "Cleopatra"

Cleopatra Houkeliao Petra itself is a great mystery, she conquered her mysterious charm of two generations of the Roman Empire Caesar and Anthony.

Chaucer in the 14th century, the beautiful Cleopatra once compared to five months after the Rose.

Shakespeare she is praised, he wrote: "Years can not press her to grow old, died not let her become vulgar, the woman makes her anorexia is boring, but she makes a good appetite, people rejoice sound like. "









顾客 小仓里美:"  敷完黄金面膜后我的脸开始感觉到很热。整个过程感觉非常奢华,有一种被宠坏了的感觉。 "


“首届COSMOPROF Shanghai上海美容展”