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HOT SELLING ITEM JOJO eight pcs of complete make up brushes gift package

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HOT SELLING ITEM JOJO eight pcs of complete make up brushes gift package

Brand : JOJO Makeup Brush 8pcs -

[Specifications] Powder Brush, Blush Brush, rouge fan brush, eye shadow brush (2), eyebrow brush, evenly brush the eye (the amount of dye used to eye shadow), lip brush. Open flat 25 × 19CM, folded packet 10 × 19CM

Maintenance tips:
Daily maintenance: use, in the face of the paper along the brush, wipe off the excess residue of cosmetics
Regular maintenance: One week maintenance time, will brush soaked in diluted warm soapy water, wash down the hair, then rinse in cold water. A little water with tissue paper to dry, after finishing on the dry towel to dry
To dry naturally, not with a hair dryer, or on the sun to dry, otherwise it may damage the material;
Cleaned, but also milk and then dip red hair look softer bristles will.

Set sweep tips:

How to choose brushes

★ natural hair brush is best to choose quality, natural brush for soft, elastic contact with the skin feeling very comfortable, and easy to stick to powder, natural color.Although the relatively smooth synthetic brush, powder brush, but not easy to even.

★ soft brush to smooth, firm and plump and not easily fall off, the handle should be easy to use.

★ selection brush, you can feel the hand of its flexibility, the brush can also be pressed directly on the desktop, a good quality brush will round distribution and no gap.

★ the brush back and forth in a sweeping move on the back of the hand several times, not brush off is the top grade.

★ approach is to identify the authenticity of the bristles to brush a hair dryer blowing hot air, maintain the status quo of animal hair, bristles are shaped into a curl is a man-made fibers.

How to clean brushes

★ Optional special brush cleaner, or use mild detergent products (such as baby shampoo, etc.) for cleaning. Use brush cleaner, each the size of a coin out of cream applied in the wet after cleaning the brushes, and gently rub, then rinse with cold water.

★ Never reverse hair wash.

★ After washing, using tissues or cotton pad and gently press the brush to allow water to quickly discharge, remember not to twist the brush, resulting in loose or even hair removal.

★ dry control water, you can hang up the brushes, the bristles down to dry naturally. Do not use hair dryer or heat blowing on the sun exposure to avoid injury to the material.

How to store brushes

★ most of the cosmetics brand will be equipped with the appropriate makeup bag, but also the number and size according to the owner to buy their own. Usually small cosmetic bag for storage or travel short handle brush brush, the more commonly used; is suitable for storing large professional makeup brush.

★ am not the best brush up brush make-up barrel plugged. Easy to use long-handled brush, but inconvenient to carry, may wish to purchase a cosmetic bag the size of the large number of short brush