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Calcium-Magnesium Complex™

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Calcium-Magnesium Complex™

Calcium-Magnesium Complex™ 
Nourish Bones and Regulate Growth

You are not what you eat; you are what you absorb. Even if you take several calcium/magnesium tablets, if your body does not assimilate them, you will not reap their benefits. 

Unicity markets a unique calcium/magnesium powdered drink which is easily blended with liquid and quickly absorbed by the body. This is the newest technology, the leading edge of nutritional research and development. It is a scientific fact that the amount of mineral absorbed is more important than the quantity consumed. A mineral that is not absorbed cannot get into the bones to strengthen them. So absorption is an important way of measuring the benefits of calcium and magnesium. 

All calcium and magnesium is not absorbed at the same rate. For example:

  • Inorganic calcium is absorbed at 17%.(1)

  • Chelated calcium is absorbed at 44%.(1) (This means that the chelate, which is calcium bound to an amino acid or protein, is almost three times as absorbable as the inorganic mineral).

  • Inorganic magnesium is absorbed at 16%.(2)

  • Organic magnesium is absorbed at 87%.(2) (This means that the chelate, which is magnesium bound to an amino acid or protein, is absorbed five times as much as the inorganic mineral).


  • Calcium is essential to strong bones and may prevent osteoporosis.

  • Magnesium assists in the body's absorption of calcium.

  • Boron may retard bone loss.(3)

  • Together, boron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D help to prevent osteoporosis.(3)

Research Brief 
Calcium is transported through the body using a series of transport proteins called 'calcium binding proteins'. Among these are: parvalbumin, calmodulin, oncomodulin and more. These compounds pick up calcium in areas of high calcium concentration. They tend to release the calcium in the presence of high magnesium concentration. This is because both the calcium and the magnesium share the same electronic charge (+2). This mechanism efficiently delivers calcium to be deposited into the bone, provided that there is sufficient magnesium for the subsequent release of the calcium atoms. This is why calcium and magnesium are found to be much more effective when dosed together as a supplement. When the calcium is released, enzymes in the bone cells attract higher levels of the calcium to help builds stronger bones. Over time, this will increase bone density.

Q: How does this drink powder taste? 
A: The Calcium-Magnesium has a slightly salty taste.

Q: With what should I mix this drink powder? 
A: The Calcium-Magnesium can be mixed with juice or water. 

Q: Is it safe to take this product if I am already taking BoneMate®? 
A: It is perfectly safe to take the two products together.

Ingredients and recommended usage can be referred to the attachment below.