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3 dimensional crystal eyelashes tool

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3 dimensional crystal eyelashes tool

Three-dimensional crystal Jane makeup eyelashes card

Description: from the material containing the antimicrobial agent, three-in-onecard solution wipe lash mascara without the embarrassment of accidentally ran into the eyelids up and down with, has curling eyelashes remain no longer a dream! One three eyelids to protect lashes card is not addicted to mascara,eyelash brush will simply another pretty and slim, and does not pollute the faceskin. Below the handle where there are two different density eyelash comb, it will be intertwined eyelash comb to open.


1, after Alice eyelash curler, eyelash card through the eyelashes, eyelids and fit infixed along the roots of the lashes, then apply mascara.

2, the final end of the eyelash comb available, starting from the roots of the lashesto the tip of each eyelash comb. 

To solve the wiping mascara without the embarrassment of accidentally raneyelids refused to panda eyes.

Up and down with, has curling eyelashes remain no longer a dream!

Eyelash comb with two densities, stud is clear, immediately showing! !

Unique patented design of three-dimensional shape, close to the eyes, with better results

Transparent antibacterial few fat production, such as crystal-clear

Skin is not addicted to mascara, eyelash brush will simply have to stud is clearand

Slender, pleasant, and does not pollute the face skin. Below where the handle

There are two different density comb eyelashes, the eyelashes can be intertwined

Hair comb to open. Body with antibacterial resin to ensure safety and healthquality, super-

Nice DD yo, very, very convenient to carry it ~ ~ ~

Small TIPS:

To learn to dress themselves, first of all need to improve the beauty of makeuptools, for the whole

Body of the dress, the eyes have a decisive influence on the eyelashes to brush

Hair cream eyelashes, open a root hair, let your eyes more sparkle!

Allows you to dress up the process to obtain a good double multiplying effect.

Compact shape really convenient!  finishing this section for the crush of essential goods eyelashes :P