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30 seconds & 7 days slimming Spray

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30 seconds & 7 days slimming Spray

Spray a spray, a thin thin!

This summer, the last weight-loss! 

30 seconds to burn the fat, 7 days a weight-loss! 

Miracle Pen Pen in France SINISIE thin!

A course of treatment for 3 bottles!

The DD super magic oh ~ sprayed with fever after 30 seconds there will be a feeling, just as the burning of fat in little by little, like in moderation Oh, spray more likely to burn more powerful .. but if can not tolerate hot Also spicy MM, can be adjusted to the amount he can afford to spray, so that efficiency

Fruit will be better ~ you want to drop the MM effect of doubling after a good spray can then wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap, so that the effect of downsizing will be more pronounced oh ~ In short, the special easy to use, suitable for lazy MM ~ ~ can be portable , you can also spray the morning time, so all day and then fat, then spray again before bed time,

After a good spray coated favorite plastic wrap, you can open hearts sleep 啦 ~ waiting for a pleasant surprise when you wake up ^ _ ^ 

Note: spray when the muzzle away from the eyes to avoid choking mouth, to avoid the use during pregnancy and menstrual period, a severe skin allergy with caution, skin, abnormal conditions, stop using the external cut out, away from children, stored in shade. 

The success of millions of consumers to use their experience to use a course of treatment mildly obese obvious efficiency. Severe obesity using two courses bear fruit. Super-obesity treatments using the three bear fruit. (3 bottles for one course)

Usage: Wash your skin every night after the fat part of going to sleep can be uniformly sprayed wiping (wrap added after spraying), according to the following legend massage for 10 minutes, the effect should be doubled!