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Home DIY three-dimensional star-shaped hairpin

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Home DIY three-dimensional star-shaped hairpin

Pop inHouse leaders strongly recommended in the beautiful Annie, the United States who must have developed a small single-product, to create a beautiful star-like arc of the bangs! 
LUCKY Japan Co., Ltd. Chu Pin.

Cikuan "former beauty-dimensional bangs hair style folder" specially curved design and a wide version of size, we can so that the whole piece cladding shape bangs complete, simple to use ways to take care of a beautiful star-like three-dimensional curvature of lines, even if
was a busy morning, also to be easy to be disobedient and chaos in Alice bangs the completion of the rapid shape!

X color - pink.
X specially designed ventilation structure, so that hair dryer blowing hot air easily which forms a natural smooth arc.
X very simple hairpin design, while make-up can also make side bangs three-dimensional shape, do not waste time!

1, water makeup or hair spray water gently on the front hair.
2, along the direction of the shape bangs clip on the clip.
3, with the hair dryer (hot air) before drying hair.
4, dried and then to into a cold wind to cool heat, but also give the hair a beautiful arc lasting!
X does not use hair dryer can also be style Oh, and so on after the hair is dry you can remove the style folder.

Size: approximately 12cm x 5cm x 2cm

1, applies to age: 6 years of age.
2, placed in child care not available at.
3, do not place near the fire source and power source in order to avoid danger.