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Japan's latest design ~ Jolin highly recommended Breast Massage Roller

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Product Code: LW11
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Japan's latest design ~ Jolin highly recommended Breast Massage Roller

"-24 Pieces feather-shaped Breast massage roller," feather-shaped concave-convex grain design, with the composition of massage rollers 24, rolling serving parts can be tightly affixed massage.

X Bump Massage particles around the 12, closely paste massage service.
X feather-shaped soft material, depending on one's body curve, massage rollers follow changes.
X does not scale Mount particles by stars to give the skin a different excitement.
Sustainable use of daily chest X beautify the skin.

◎ from bottom to top Scroll to near the collarbone Department (shower or bath time can be used after the Oh!)
X recommended the use of 10 minutes a day, do not long-term use

1, use make sure that massage is smooth wheel rotation.
2, placed in small children unable to obtain Office.
3, do not prolonged use, so as to avoid over-stimulating the skin.
4, wounds or swelling of the abnormal area Do not use; use or use after a rash, redness, itching, stimulate, and other anomalies, please stop using them immediately and seek medical treatment as soon as possible treatment.

Product Size: 15x6.5x23cm