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magic hair curling stick

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magic hair curling stick

 My greatest praise a woman mad

Magic magic does not damage one's hair multi-roll bar (can be used with the magic of the volumes)

Beautiful women is not that hot out of the barber shop on the first failed to reach the magazine Ruili on the MM effect? Or just hot out still OK, washed N days, ah!~ ~ ~ Is this hot to spend hundreds of thousands of head ah!

So, to know why the MM were beautiful hair secrets it? They Puff, layering clear, beautiful hair is to change the DD of friends ~ ~ ~

MM want to stay young and easy to take care of straight hair, on campus, in the OFFICE. Festival of dance, if you want to temporary mutation to a engageante wave it! Is simple: washed hair, no perm water, while half the time usually used in negative, the hair curled with the DD, with a plastic shower cap, insisted for half an hour, preferably sprayed on the gel in water, then let him completely dry, or 20 minutes with electric heating, you can use the hair dryer, and then seized, and the emergence of super-stylish MM! ``````` You're done! Next washed head, or pure haircut! !
The use of simple tools for their own style, not only is economic austerity, it is interesting and full of imagination as the action. Create their own, as in creating a happy mood.

~ Hair is super secret: magic does not hurt the hair curling versatile magic!(Attached with secrets, MM Oh, slowly learning!)

■ The next morning applying styling products or direct spread (you can spray on the hair when wet and then roll philosophy miles), the hair is beautiful, but much better than the natural burns! Do not like the wash, it is pure straight up!

■ show will not damage your hair quality!

■ washed hair, while half the time usually used in negative, with the hair volume and other dry hair rolled up after the demolition of the all OK ... ... I usually sleep a night on the volume, up and removed, the effect it really take to work super entertainment time. Volume setting before you can spray some stuff such as the philosophy of determining what the water and then roll, came out better flexibility.Do not spray anything directly to do it more natural, as cute as a doll ... oh ... look at their own preference. (Best not to spray anything done after the split, will destroy the shape, because the water will see straight oh ~ do not advocate the finish after the comb, the best hand shake!!!) Do not go to a hairdressing salon, they can still make beautiful a type of hair! The same applies to the MM burns hair, make hair more abundance and more type!