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Display Set NEW Hai Sun Fong Breast Enlargement Pump

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Display Set NEW Hai Sun Fong Breast Enlargement Pump

Some women want to avoid the health risks brought about by consuming pills or using topical methods on their breast. As pumps work on a general idea of tissue expansion, it lowers health risk that the woman wants to avoid.

Breast pumps are another method of enhancing breast size. The concept used is the same which is used to remove excess milk from the breasts of a lactating mother; however, these pumps are different in shape and structure.

Breast pumps consist of two cups attached to a vacuum generating device.
These cups are meant to be placed over the breast. Pressure is generated when the air is sucked out of the cups, due to the partial vacuum. This pressure enhances the blood circulation in the breasts.

Therefore, these pumps enhance the health of the tissues and ligaments within the breasts. Further, breast pumps help in flushing out any toxic materials that settle into the breasts from time to time.

Below are some frequently asked questions about breast enlargement pumps:
How does the pump works?
The pump works by increasing and reshaping your own breast tissue through a process known as tissue expansion, which has been used by physicians for over 30 years in various reconstructive procedures. It applies gentle, sustained tension on your breasts, which causes cells to replicate and produce new breast tissue.

How safe is it?
It has been found to be both safe and effective in enlarging breast tissue. In fact in clinical studies, skin reactions to the product were the only adverse effects reported.

What kind of results can I expect to see with a breast enlargement pump?
Each individual has their own increase potential, but 1-2 cup sizes can be achieved.

Does the treatment hurt?
There was a similar, but greatly inferior, device that was sold in the 1970's. This device was a foot operated pump that came with no instructions. Women were apparently over-pumping and creating too much suction trying to increase their breast size overnight. Look for pump that comes with complete instructions detailing exactly how much pressure to use, how often, etc.
Also, some pump's mechanism is designed to allow only so much suction to be created. So the answer is "NO". If used as directed there is absolutely no discomfort and no chance for injury.

How often do I have to do the treatments to get the best results?
Usually, 15-minute sessions on each breast twice a day is recommended by most product manufacturers. Of course the system is designed such that the more times you use it the better your results will be.

Are there any permanent side effects?
There are no known adverse side effects.

Are there any temporary side effects?
There may be a slight to heavy skin discoloration that is similar to a hickey. This is common in the beginning with most users but for most users this goes away within 30 days of use. (If you want to see an example of how this will look you can suck on your arm for 5 minutes and look at the skin discoloration, notice how long it will take for it to clear up).

Does Breast Pump work on males and females?
It should works on any breasts. As the pump stretches the breast tissue over and over again (soft tissue expansion), it is a lot like working out your muscles repeatedly.

Can I pump my breast until it goes to the end of the chamber?
You can pump as far as you feel comfortable.

If I quit using the pump at the point where the size is what I like, do the effects diminish afterwards, or are they there for good?
For all intended purposes the long-term results are usually permanent.

Does using the pumps actually keep the breast firm?
The process helps to maintain fullness, but it cannot make up for your individual biological make up or Mother Nature's gravity effect. Remember larger breasts are heavier and project (perky) less than tiny breasts. But you will be much firmer using the pump than without.

I would like to know if this product works on women who already have implants.
It is usually not advisable.

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