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Lazy home slipper ~ side movement while you do housework!

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Lazy home slipper ~ side movement while you do housework!




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Grazing slippers ~ ~ allow you to side movement while doing housework! Super fun!

Washable. Reusable! Multifunctional design is good intimate! Material: rubbing places, some of the DTY

Code number: one size fits all (up to 41 can wear) Shoes body 25CM

Features: the upper half part of the shoe through Hard, and do not feel that is a mop feet, wearing comfortable shoes with waterproof material, will not wear through the bottoms wet your foot ~ ~ 

The most popular styles ----- grazing slippers slippers, also known as lazy slippers, so you move back and forth when the polished floor of the room clean! Both relaxing and fun. No longer easy for the floor, dirty and troubles, the full enjoyment of the new exotic products to bring you the incomparable pleasure!

The reason why grazing slippers favored by most people because it was at least the following six advantages Oh! ! Strongly recommended!

1. While walking the roadside grazing. It adds a level of anti-skid bottom, wear, dust and strong filamentous fiber material. I wear the slippers in the room while walking back and forth, it will wipe the floor clean! Feng Dao holidays, and family more on the polished floor, the cleaner.

2. Wearing soft and comfortable. As in the high-level carpet walk, feel great! But is also very easy to clean.

3. To protect the floor. Not only does not scratch the floor of expensive homes, but also make the floor more you use the more bright and clean.

4. Mute. Will not disturb the sleep, rest, study, overtime work, family, and then do not tiptoe'm off!

5. Slip. Especially suitable for the elderly and children!

6. Stylish. Guests to the house, first noticed, but slippers Oh, big face little things do matter! Oh, and can immediately increase the topic!