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Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover

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Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover

Silicone Invisible Breast paste (color flowers)

★ any clothing, any occasion, putting you a perfect non-NG ~ 

Invisible Breast paste (color flowers), use of special soft synthetic fibers, silicone material, in wearing a small cute, T-shirts, Lou Beizhuang, low-cut, strapless gown when they can use, seamlessly feed, no sneaked in trouble, so you look more perfect.

X clothes paste, soft, natural.
X breathable intimate design, refreshing is not sultry.
X can be reused some 200 times.

Jiao-point protection of silicone paste invisible chest
Swimming, wearing Toushi Zhuang, Lu Beizhuang, tight fitted, evening dress, especially for wedding photo and personal use.

Well-designed point of care ☆ ☆ Jiao function, double protection of sensitive parts of a woman! !

1, tear off the back of a transparent film can be used.
2, when you use the site to keep the areola skin dry, so as not to affect the adhesive effect.

One, please put children unable to obtain Office.
2, there are wounds, eczema, abnormal swelling, etc. Do not use.
3, do not put near the fire, or high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight place, so as not to cause deformation or deterioration.
4, in use, or use after the swelling and stimulate other abnormalities when you suspended if they continue to use the symptoms may get worse, as soon as possible to the dermatology hospital for treatment.
5, based on personal hygiene to protect consumers, this product will not be close accept returns, Thank you!
6, cleaning, use clean water with a little soap or shower gel and use hand wash clean, avoid thrown into the machine in order to maintain the life of chest paste!
7, after the rejection to the excess wash water, into a transparent box so that it naturally dried, and then covered with lid.
8, do not use towels, tissues, and other cleaning paste chest, because part of the fabric fibers and the silicone adhesive.

Capacity: 2 entry (diameter of about 6.0cm)
Fashion, sexy, elegant, comfortable and 

This product is imported medical silicone, anti-sensitive biological agents and the international advanced production technology is refined, suitable for all skin types, non-allergic to human skin, no stimulation. 

The nipple is rich in nerve endings, but also lose the most concentrated area duct, women have an average of 10 hours a day to wear underwear, such as the code is too large to make the impact of physical appearance, or a size too small is bound chest, so that the nipple, areola is not enough oxygen, which greatly affected the nipple Nenhong areola color, and even dangerous to the breast health. 

Nipple affixed a unique oxygen permeability, oxygen design, covering both the nipple and areola color, but also fade nipple bump nipple beauty health care, more women wearing thin, transparent, sexy fashion wear a bra without the most good partners.

Washing Method:
1, using a hand held out palm cup, in the cup inside the join a little warm water and a small amount of neutral soap (do not use a nourishing cream containing soap);
Palm with the other hand draw a circle the way soft wash. Note Do not use nails to avoid scratching the cup;
2, using soap and warm water to wash it off gently rejection to excess moisture, dry cup smooth outer surface;
3, please do not use a washing machine or a brush, fingertips, and any detergent, it will result in permanent damage viscose layer;
4, cleaning it after only place you can dry clean well-ventilated place, do not use toilet paper, towels and other cleaning, drying time to avoid excessive dust, dust attached to the surface. Note that the inside of the cup to save up covered with a transparent lid, can be used.