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Japan's most popular front-line blue hair Magic Post

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Japan's most popular front-line blue hair Magic Post

First exposure! Japanese novel ultra-small practical things listed! Japan forefront of hair fashion, practical little things start a pandemic. 

Xiao-days by the shape of the line teachers and leaders of Japan and found no trace bangs back patch, a little push - obey all the bangs are not drawn to ~ completely destroyed hair. 

★ care of people before the face of small props - ready, fixed bangs, easily without leaving any traces! 

Can be replaced using a simple hair band, does not destroy the bangs are not crushed, 
Slightly longer bangs, too, can use, short sparse hair can also be a small short stick from the straightforward, face, makeup or props super useful when doing modeling, Shui must have! 
"DARIYA-bangs fixed magic carpet", Japan's small idea, this time to play in your head, a simple action, a portable tool, ready to be your, intimate little helper.Fixed your long (short) bangs, so makeup before, wash the hair before the obstruction is not troubled. Full marks without leaving marks, tear off after the restore hair, convenient and tidy. 
* Make-up, maintenance, wash your face ... take care of his face is a good helper.
* Gently attached to a fixed place, a simple and convenient. 
* Repetitive use. Removed, without leaving marks disappeared. 
1, placed in children unable to obtain. 
2, Do not place in hot, cold, and direct sunlight to save. 
3, Do not use for purposes other than fixed hair, so as not to damage the product features.