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MAC Eye Pencil Bobbi Brown eyeliner lasting texture 1.45g

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MAC Eye Pencil Bobbi Brown eyeliner lasting texture 1.45g

Bobbi Brown eyeliner professional modeling

Color: Black

Size: about 8cm

The eyebrow pencil designed specifically for Asian women, delicate brush strokes smooth, easy to color, and do not hurt the skin, you can effortlessly be deployed were outlined eyebrows, an eyebrow pencil can be a small portable, convenient and practical. Make a more perfect eyebrow, vivid nature, can not miss the!

◆ easily sketched, modification eyebrow, so that Liu Mei more perfect and more type.

◆ color natural, smooth texture, Ke Yi hair color and costume use.

◆ After sensitivity, and skin test would lead to allergies and exciting opportunities to a minimum.

◆ does not contain fragrance, not easy to block pores.



The pencil has a soft pearl-like luster, silky Hangyunliushui the glide, that is remarkable elegant charm. The liner through the ophthalmologist tested. Zhezhi can be drawn with a beautiful smoky eye shadow, color-rich and easy to color, pens, hard and soft is also moderate, a lot of eyeliner pen soft-hearted, there will be open halo phenomenon, and MAC's eyeliner is definitely in this .

This liner into the hearts of many professional make-up masters well, because of its relatively soft pencil, color all in their own hands. For the novice and the need to use eye liner in a hurry to MM, this is undoubtedly the best choice. As for the MM who prefer to use Eyeliner, easy to use when the liner inside the outline of the shallow MAC black eyeliner are particularly vulnerable to showing large eyes sparkle easy to highlight the eye silver luster.

In addition, for many of the veterans who use the eye liner, eye liner halo are most worried about is the open, delicate lines in a few hours became a blur of black eye inside. The MAC eye liner waterproof performance that enables MM were able to enjoy on any occasion mischievously, as long as the rub hands-energetically not encounter a higher temperature than the tears of water, are generally not open halo.