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MALIAN exclusive stealth eyelid glue stick brush 4ML

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MALIAN exclusive stealth eyelid glue stick brush 4ML

Marianne specializes in production of Beauty tools accessories, has 10 years of manufacturing experience, but also highly qualified and experienced experts and R & D team, the products have received international recognition and appreciation. Marion hit domestic sales first! Marion mysterious private eye glue, will make the eye more lively, more beautiful, This product is cosmetics, can be reached in a short time to "double-fold" effect, no pain, a completely different on the other methods. This product can serve as a mascara glue to use, and equipped with a small brush. ◆ This double-fold eyelid glue can come out of natural areas, the results are satisfactory and not leave any trace; contains moisturizing factor, nourishing eye skin, will not lead to skin allergies, and completely transparent, bright eyes appear immediately. ◆ putting you to switch from the single fold eyelid easy simple, no side-effects; as long as the use of techniques can definitely know how to use a pair of Graces is more wizard window to the soul, pleasant, this product is similar to the use of methods and eyeliner, after use to maintain double-fold long-lasting, water washed after reinstatement. ◆ It uses no stimulation of natural formula is very convenient to use them: first open the bottle, and then connected to the cap on the small brush to paint a little glue in the eyes and use the attached stereotypes fork fixed a few seconds, and then white will become transparent colloid color, a bit can not see "artificial signs" naturally forming, maintaining 24-hour, beautiful It's that simple! Colloid as a transparent color, a little bit I can not see the "man-made signs," a 24-hour, beautiful It's that simple! Modification or remover, please use the cotton or tissue with water to fully wet eyelids, gently wipe clean. If using fingers or fingernails forcibly stripped off, it will have hurt your skin, please absolutely avoided. Sticky false eyelashes can also be used, see the following diagram decomposition.

Teach you how to stick false eyelashes. With the eyelash curler eyelash curler will bend, If the lashes will not ring true, or hard-MM should pay attention to the special folder several times over.

Pic 1) with the eyelash curler eyelash curler will bend, if the lashes will not ring true, or hard-MM should pay attention to the special folder several times over.

Pic 2) clamp out fake eyelashes, eyelashes and hand grasp both ends, gently curved 10 times 

Pic 3) according to the length of the eye, using scissors to cut paper into the length of false eyelashes. Than the length of the eye grow 2 to 3 mm of the most beautiful. 

Pic 4), carefully smearing the glue false eyelashes in the roots. Note that the root of both sides must be coated with glue. 

Pic 5) raise the eyelids with one hand light will be false eyelashes lightly glued to the true roots of lashes. Glue does not make minor adjustments prior to solidification. Note At this point the mirror should be placed where the eye can be head-up, with his elbow on the table fixed.

Pic 6) with the pulp soft reduction at the eyelash bonding office until the full bond.