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My beautiful Taiwan's diary ~ Berries nano-composite mask (per pcs)

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My beautiful Taiwan's diary ~ Berries nano-composite mask (per pcs)


Blueberry, raspberry, blueberry, mulberry ... pleasant fragrance of berries and maintenance!
Dolphin small berries cohesion of the Meiji incomparably powerful force, to send fruit of the abundant moisture to the skin of the berries seem to enjoy the intoxicating bath!

Compact】 【Yun Liang
Extracted from the blueberry, raspberry, blueberry, mulberry fruit of the strawberry type quenching, rich in a variety of outstanding elements of the Meiji, giving the skin a beautiful lush vitality of the environment against the potential factors leading to skin aging. Nourishment through a multi-berry moisturizing effect, ring ring lock color uneven, dull and the source of relaxation, so that the skin infiltration sweet berries in the bath, the grown up on the perfect compact skin, the shiny translucent glow Yun Jin !

【Beneath pure soft】
By Lithospermum and green tea extracts in dual-MAC could be supported by a modest softening rough horny, so bright and glorious skin distribute, reproduce delicate detail, clarity Jingtou texture!

Encyclopedia】 【For Body
Fruity fragrance, taste sweet and sour type of berries, rich in polyphenols, the highest antioxidant capacity among the fruit is popular in Europe and the United States of fruit. "Berry polyphenol class," meet the pursuit of health, beauty needs of modern women, its superior anti-aging efficacy of popular attention, not only to maintain a healthy helper, but also anti-aging skin products beauty St., beneficial to maintain good health and youthful vitality, so that health and beauty at the same time extra points!

Usage: clean make-up water, the membrane will tear up the pearl light Fuyu full face mask, about 20-30 minutes later you can remove the mask, if the face is still left essence, you can help the pulp gently massage the skin absorption, No cleaning, post-mask deposition End Repeat emulsion (cream) and other routine maintenance procedures, will be locked in the skin moisturizing ingredients, it is recommended two to three times a week using the mask.