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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Black Pearl Nano Mask ( PER PCS )

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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Black Pearl Nano Mask ( PER PCS )

Taiwan's first hot-selling mask ( can use daily )                     

Product Name】 My Beautiful Diary - Black Pearl Nano Mask

【Packing】 (10 / box) plastic manufacture in Taiwan Traditional Chinese version. 


Oriental skin suitable for the deployment of a day at attaining a natural plant essence, every day you have a beautiful, confident, a good complexion!

[My Beautiful Diary] Mask series, by a unique advanced nano-technology, short time skin to absorb the full nutrition, and a long time to maintain soft and shiny.

Product Composition Effects:

Extreme MOISTURE composite essence, using bright charming black pearl compound extraction, hidden beauty of the skin factor - rich in amino acids and trace elements such as minerals, is a selection of beauty skin beauty formulations. Black pearl of the cohesion of the natural active essence, combined with a variety of natural marine and plant essence, make the skin white Gentle, open the skin of natural moisture and whitening system, giving the skin satin-smooth texture, glow like a bright pearl luster!

Stretch translucent
Natural Vitamin C Whitening plant extracts - pineapple, Lyme, small cucumber, can promote the metabolism of keratin force, gentle removal of old waste of epidermal cells to make skin smooth and delicate, fresh and soft white, showing supple translucent skin; while helping to in-depth nourish moisturize the skin, improve skin elasticity, increase the skin's luster and vitality, create a perfect translucent skin elasticity!
To carry large amounts of natural moisturizing factor of the nano-sphere, its gap structure can enhance the capacity of adsorption of active ingredients, so that even long-term gradual release of nutrients that can immediately pay, long-term water supply and a long time to maintain a sense of skin moisture.

On clean make-up water, the membrane will tear up the pearl light Fuyu full face mask, about 20 to 30 minutes later you can remove the mask, if the face is still left essence, you can help the pulp gently massage the skin to absorb, without washing and wrap it after you finished mask to repeat emulsion (cream) and other routine maintenance procedures, will be locked in the skin moisturizing ingredients.

Please put infants and young children unable to obtain Department, in order to avoid eating; after use if you have any discomfort or persistent swelling phenomenon, should immediately stop using and consult the doctors; skin injuries, the swelling phenomenon, and in infants and young children may not use this product; skin Please do before sensitive to use of local skin sensitivity test before use of non-stimulus-response.

Preservation methods: Please place in the shade Do not direct exposure to sunlight.