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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~ Ice Qin nano Oxygen Mask (PER PCS)

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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~ Ice Qin nano Oxygen Mask (PER PCS)

My Beauty Diary - Ice Qin nano Oxygen Mask 

Renew soothing cool moisture

Oriental skin suitable for the deployment of natural plant extracts spreading face every day, every day you have a beautiful, confident of a good color!

[My Beauty Diary] Mask series, by a unique advanced nanotechnology, a short time so that the skin absorb the full nutrition, and time to maintain soft and shiny.

Product Efficacy:


Witch Hazel, Arnica, licorice plant extracts to relieve the skin, assist the natural metabolism, the role of a conditioning balance, together with menthol and peppermint Qinliang factor can be

To reduce skin temperature, increase the comfort tired skin instantly wake skin vitality, bring a good face full of vitality.

Soothing moisturizer

Calendula cream to soothe and broom, soft skin, and yeast extract coordination compound has a good moisturizing aloe and moisturizing effect; rosemary extracts have clean

Skin effect, can relieve annoying skin problems, but also relieve tired skin, improve skin's bright sense.

Magic "nano sphere Nanospheres" production technology, to give you a beautiful experience ever!

Carry large amounts of natural moisturizing factor of the nano spheres, the gap structure can strengthen the capacity of absorption of active ingredients, so that even long-term gradual release of nutrients, to immediately pay,

Long-term water supply, and a sense of time to maintain skin moisture.

The application of skin: General skin

Uses: cool Renew, soothing moisturizer