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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Japan Yoshino cherry Mask (PER PCS)

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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Japan Yoshino cherry Mask (PER PCS)

Sakura's florid: life warm bright, pure, noble.

Cherry growing region located in the Northern Hemisphere temperate and subtropical regions in Japan a thousand years of history, is one of Japan's national flower pairs, side by side with the symbol of royal chrysanthemum.

White】 【fresh Zhan
Select from Japan's Yoshino cherry extract, a whitening, soothing skin with the compact triple effect, be able to regain the luster of skin Refreshing whitening to relieve tired skin discomfort, while maintaining excellent compact flexibility. With lemon and kiwi fruit essence extraction of fresh Skin, so tired and lackluster skin instantly restore fresh, Gentle and comfortable. Skin was elegant atmosphere full of cherry blossoms, surrounded by layers of soft white matte finish to bloom, just like in the early spring blooming Yoshino cherry petals, white in the disclosed light pink color!

Relieve】 【Liang Yan
Arnica and aloe vera to relieve synergistic plant extracts to give the skin the perfect moisture repair role, to restore the skin's vitality, reproduction fresh and bright shiny moving!

【Japan】 Yoshino cherry
Japan, rich cherry, known as "Sakura of the country." Spring-kun, one of Japan's tradition every year in mid-March to mid-April for the Japanese "Cherry Blossom Festival." About 50 days throughout the flowering period, from flowers to the flower Xie only 7-10 days. Japanese cherry variety, which the Nara Prefecture Yoshino Cherry Hill, the most famous common, accounting for about 80 percent the total amount of cherry blossoms. Yoshino cherry is a deciduous wood, an altitude of about 5-12 meters, flowering before leaves, flower-shaped for the Rosa xanthina five petals, colored pale pink when in bloom in early, when in full bloom gradually turn white, flowering whole plant full of flowers, a very brilliant spectacular for the edible fruit of the cherry.

【Product specification】
Brand: My Beautiful Diary
Capacity: 30g / piece

Object】 【applicable
The use of either normal skin; especially recommended fatigue, dull skin to use

Clean make-up water, the membrane will tear up the pearl light Fuyu full face mask, about 20-30 minutes later you can remove the mask, if the face is still left essence, you can help the pulp gently massage the skin to absorb, without cleaning, mask after the deposition finished, repeat emulsion (cream) and other routine maintenance procedures, will be locked in the skin moisturizing ingredients.

Please put infants and young children unable to obtain Department, in order to avoid eating; after use if you have any discomfort or persistent redness and swelling phenomenon, should immediately stop using and consult the doctors; skin injuries, the swelling phenomenon, and in infants and young children may not use this product; skin Please do before sensitive to use of local skin sensitivity test, non-irritating after the test reaction to re-use.

Please put in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.