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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Polyphenol Chocolate Mask ( PER PCS )

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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Polyphenol Chocolate Mask ( PER PCS )

Taiwan's hot! Every day we can use the beautiful diary

◆ ◆ Mask My Beauty Diary series, by a unique advanced nano-technology, short time skin to absorb the full nutrition, and a long time to maintain soft and shiny. Oriental skin suitable for the deployment of a day at attaining a natural plant essence, every day you have a beautiful, confident, a good complexion!

Bright and compact integration of the Meiji seed: Cocoa is rich in natural plant extracts milk fat, plant flavonoids, vitamins and polyphenols, with excellent moisturizing, maintenance and old age characteristics, so that dry dull skin regains its smooth compact at the same time dilute the dull, showing supple translucent; combination of coffee extract compact factors, can improve skin firmness, giving skin extra elasticity Shui-liang.

Contains detailed MOISTURE sweet taste: lemon, orange, cranberry essence and sugar cane, sugar maple extract synergies can be mild to remove old waste of epidermal keratinocytes to make skin smooth and delicate texture, while moisturizing dry skin Relax, showing Rouxi MOISTURE the skin. Rich sweet chocolate fragrance, filled with the taste of sweet joy, so that the skin is full of love, happiness.

Chocolate polyphenols of ancient and modern legends: Chocolate translated from the English chocolate, the principal component from the scientific name Theobroma Coa cocoa tree seeds - cocoa beans. History from more than 3,000 years ago, the Americas ancient Mayan civilization is full of divine energy drinks, when consumed in the ritual. Greek "Theo-" stands for "God"; "broma" as "food" meaning, the combined means "god of food." "Polyphenols" is a plant's natural ingredients to help plants resist ultraviolet light, inhibiting excessive oxidation in plant, so plant a diversity of colors, commonly found in tea, chocolate, and fruits and vegetables. Research data confirm that, "polyphenols" an antioxidant effect, helps the skin to withstand external abuse, effective anti-aging and whitening, namely "red wine" and "Green Tea" after the two polyphenols Star, "Cocoa" and "coffee" is a multi - phenol For Body family rookie.

【Use After washing the face, remove the face mask Fuyu and touch everywhere, so that it completely affixed to the face of about 15-25 minutes and remove the mask.