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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Yogurt Nano Mask(PER PCS)

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My beautiful Taiwan's diary~Yogurt Nano Mask(PER PCS)

My Beautiful Diary - yogurt Nano Mask

The natural plant essence, every day you have a beautiful, confident, a good complexion! 

[My Beautiful Diary] Mask series, by a unique advanced nano-technology, short time skin to absorb the full nutrition, and a long time to maintain soft and shiny.

Product Efficacy:

Suppression Oil Repair

The essence of fluid extracted from the yogurt can be deep moisture and maintain the skin feeling fresh water, not shiny; contain tannin components witch hazel and birch, walnut planting

Material essence, with soothing, deep moisturizing effect.

Lip glosses

Biotechnology extraction from high-performance moisturizing factor hyaluronic acid and uronic acid, is not only necessary to prevent skin moisture loss, but also nourish the skin epidermal keratinocytes

Layer, deep moisturizing.

Magic "nano-sphere Nanospheres" production technology, to give you the beauty of an unprecedented experience!

To carry large amounts of natural moisturizing factor of the nano-sphere, its gap structure can enhance the capacity of adsorption of active ingredients, so that even long-term gradual release of nutrients that can immediately fill

Water, long-term water supply, and a long time to maintain a sense of skin moisture

Suitable for all skin types: normal skin, especially oily skin.

Uses: suppression oil maintenance and moisturizing.


On clean make-up water, the membrane will tear up the pearl light Fuyu full face mask, about 20 to 30 minutes later you can remove the mask, if the face is still left essence, you can pulp

Gently massage helps the skin to absorb, without cleaning, post-mask deposition End Repeat emulsion (cream) and other routine maintenance procedures, will be locked in the skin moisturizing ingredients. 

Restrain oil refreshing