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natural fresh aloe vera oil absorber

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natural fresh aloe vera oil absorber

Suitable for oily or combination skin 

Product Description: 
Also worry that annoying large oil face? Coming summer, the oily were unable to bear the loneliness they all went to his face, glowing in the sun shiny face, because the pores will get very thick Oh! Natural aloe vera oil-absorbing tissues, fresh to the oil! 
Natural aloe vera oil-absorbing tissues, can effectively remove the shiny, skin stay clean and fresh. 

1, immediately absorb the grease, remove the shine, the skin while retaining essential moisture. 
2, after use, the unique magic of the blue to transparent absorbing tissues immediately, visible results quickly. 
3, the innovative soft touch material, light and flexible, gentle close to your skin. 

1, daily use, take an oil absorbing tissues in the face, sweating at the press can be. 
2, pre-makeup makeup to use: wipe the face before makeup, can make more impact, natural moving; makeup (lipstick, eyeliner, mascara), in the face or lips touch, can make look fresh and lasting, not the oil does not shine, and lip balm should not fade. 
3, can be used to clean the lens. 

1, please put the child unable to obtain the office. 
2, to avoid the place at high temperatures and direct sunlight. 
3, after use, if not, please stop using it. 
4, there are three colors randomly sent packing. 

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