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Nose up Device

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Nose up Device

The money is for the nose clip device (hot items), caught in the nose or nose, almost no pressure in, so are normal breathing, whether in the car, reading, working, watching TV ... and so are most suitable The "Folder Machine"!   

Whether you are a kind of nose, a buttoned them altogether, the United States to create enviable nose!

☆ The introduction of innovative products, using high-precision tooling and high quality raw materials, not to hurt the skin. Domestic products boutique. Has been sold back to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Japan, the market has a good reputation.   

☆ cost far more than a small Japanese products. Ease of use! No detour, bartering   

★ Do you often feel too wear glasses because the nose has collapsed and the need to push glasses?   

★ How often do the upper and lower body is too perfect nose does not look good are you? Why foreigners are very tall and straight nose endless envy it?   

◆ I suggest you try this a very nasal device 『』 (U.S. nose clip). Clip a day as long as 20 to 2 minutes, easily without surgery, without medication, naturally has a strong nose, make you look more handsome and beautiful friends and family amazed to side endless. 

◆ This is a commodity in Japan for some time, has been super hot, really sold upside down, and the design because the situation fully into account the user will not cause harm to users, but also market With a fairly good reputation on. Is absolutely essential for your superb beauty nose.

◆ it like a fine clip, as long as it caught in the bridge of the nose at the bottom (near the nose of the place), they can unknowingly become a towering nose, "the U.S. nose", and magic it! 

Whether driving, reading, watching TV ... and other activities did not affect the super practical Oh! 
Can adjust the pitch, regardless of the use of either a variety of nose!   

[Size] 6.0 × 4.5cm   

This product is not the whole bone products, but will focus on the nose of meat to Jianting effect, because there is still some pressure, nasal bone development is not recommended under the age of 12 is not stereotypes of users.