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nutritional breast firming collagen mask

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nutritional breast firming collagen mask

Collagen Crystal Mask of the pleura using the inherent properties of ice crystals, play a strong shaping effect of massage and feel very comfortable with the process; its active ingredients are quickly absorbed the breast skin, the skin can remove free radicals, improve skin's micro- cycle, add the skin collagen and moisture, accelerate blood circulation in the breast tissue, Thus delaying the aging of the breast skin and enhances the flexibility of breast gloss, can help prevent and improve relaxation and sagging breasts can be an excellent way to promote strong and increased female breast.

Main components: collagen, aloe vera gel, moisturizers, pure water, VitA, VitE and so on.

Benefits: Aloe gel to the skin to natural care, increase skin allergy, anti-wrinkle capabilities. Collagen containing the natural moisturizing factor on human skin with moisture, Nutrition can make the skin delicate, shiny and elastic.
Usage: After cleaning the chest, the pleura affixed to the chest, 20-30 minutes later, the pleural thrown off, wiped away
(Winter, break the seal before the hot water temperature at 20-30 ℃ for 10 minutes, and then feel more comfortable using).

Collagen Mask action principle and characteristics of ice
1, with the active ingredient of science, effective ingredients to reduce waste, to truly improve the cosmetic results.
The use of genetic engineering technology, HGH & fibroblast growth factor (FGF)
And several growth factor combinations and hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and other active ingredients with the best combination of capacity,
Synergistic effect, greatly improving the effectiveness of various components of the skin treatment.
2, the latest international research shows, called fibroblast growth factor (FGF),
Is the body one of the most important growth factor, and attached to the cells, it can activate the aging of fibroblasts,
Contributed to produce three-dimensional matrix of collagen and elastin, replenish skin's nutrition and skin nerve cells;
Facial skin and to restore the young state with great effect, is a major breakthrough in traditional beauty.
3, a special form of the surface film of jelly can effectively maintain the HGH & fibroblast growth factor (FGH)
And other biologically active ingredients, and can under certain conditions, sustained release, an effective role in the skin.
4, closed contact, one-way penetration, nutrient absorption rate of 98%.
This product can be completely seamless integration with the skin surface,
Isolated from the skin and air, and gradually dissolved under body temperature, the active ingredient directly to the skin layers quickly,
To really adjust the microcirculation, skin treatment and skin purposes.
5, ice collagen mask for all skin, to complement the skin collagen,
Make the skin soft and elastic. Unlike traditional cleaning products, the effectiveness of the mask is
Ice collagen mask using its unique biological collagen and other nutrients,
Effectively supplement the skin's collagen proteins, increase the skin's water and role. After use,
You will find the skin soft, shiny, supple.
6, the product of crystal clear ice gel, apply to all types of skin,
There are currently seven products for all skin types, skin options. Nutrition, water,
Moisturizing factor sebum balance the four elements of healthy skin. Ice mask entirely based on this principle,
Increase in skin nutrition, the ability to improve the skin's moisture balance sebum,
Also add a variety of whitening, wrinkle-free and other functional components,
A fundamental solution to a series of unhealthy skin problems. Ice mask and the skin closed contact, one-way penetration,
Nutrient absorption rate of 98% or more; it completely seamless integration with the skin surface,
Completely isolated from the skin and air, to mask the nature of the effect;
Condensation in the mask on the ice in a variety of active ingredients gradually dissolved under body temperature,
Through the rapid expansion of the pore channel directly to the skin layers to the skin collagen, moisturizing factor and other natural ingredients,
To really adjust the microcirculation, skin treatment and skin purposes.
Ice whitening mask the active ingredient has a unique repair,
And surrounding tissue affinity good, fast, efficient and perfect repair damaged skin, skin nutrition, comprehensive regulation,
Wrinkle moisturizing, elastic, and more effective promotion of facial cell's metabolism, speed up the excretion of melanin,
Inhibition of pigment signal generation, inhibition of tyrosinase activity, balance the distribution of pigment cells, effectively improve the coarse, black,
Huang and other skin conditions, to achieve smooth and soft, white transparent whitening effect.
7, ice mask [human dermal collagen mask, also known as the biological activity of dialysis Mask]
Based on the constituent elements of human skin, the use of plant lipid and protein complexes as a substrate,
Package and setting the composition of human skin, (natural leather complex) to solve the key problems of skin,
The use of cutting-edge biotechnology, advanced emulsion technology for the development of ice-like transparent leather mask.
A. Completely seamless integration with the skin surface as ice crystals and collagen composition is very similar to human skin,
Between the two can be completely seamless bonding, and ice crystals have a certain thickness of the collagen, the skin and the air completely isolated,
Have a "tight" and play a role mask.
B. Role in body temperature, fused with the skin as a whole, relying on human skin surface temperature of the transfer,
Collagen matrix to ice a combination with a whole skin,
Leather-wrapped ice and condensation of the compound is absorbed natural leather, penetration.
The use of pore channels into the skin, subcutaneous tissue directly, by air negative pressure in the pores, quickly open,
Fully absorb the loss increases with age and added a variety of proteins, polysaccharides, amino acids, enzymes and so on.
8, natural plant collagen membrane attached ice product this year, the company developed new products, the use of advanced technology in France,
Seoul refined ride through the Mexican cactus in Iraq collagen packing.
It is rich in 18 kinds of essential amino acids the human body, which can effectively enhance the skin's activity and nutrition,
Has a strong ability to resist UV and skin repair. As the natural plant collagen molecules
Contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, natural moisturizing factor NMF, L Vc, GFS cell growth factor,
Cell activation can increase the grass-roots level of the skin, rapid whitening, pigmentation, high moisture, fine pores,
Calm wrinkles. Natural plant ice film has a good skin-friendly paste,
Absorption, air permeability, the different effects can be formulated skin care ingredients to quickly penetrate the skin within the organization,
Directly replenish collagen, delay skin aging, stimulate the vitality of the skin, the skin to restore balance,
Young, full of luster. Perfectly healthy skin from the Mexican cactus extract Iraq Tal film of ice began.
Technical Data:
Activity of collagen in natural plant as raw material, enzyme activity directed shear patented technology to produce collagen,
This process does not destroy the protein under conditions of spatial structure can maintain its biological activity well.
And this skin collagen and has an excellent affinity to human skin, its functions are:
Mild: does not irritate skin and eyes, mild.
Water: rich in hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, it is the skin's surface proteins,
Complement the loss of human collagen, amino acids, can keep the skin with moisture,
The skin has a good affinity.
Wrinkle: As the ice crystal and molecular structure of collagen mask of human skin collagen, excellent compatibility,
So completely absorbed by the skin, filling between layers in the skin matrix, making the skin plump,
Wrinkles and stretch, while increasing skin density, resulting in tension.
Repair: repair with unique features, and the surrounding good tissue affinity, with repair tissue.
White: with vitamins A, B3 and E and a variety of bleaching agents, with a good whitening effect.
Give the skin elasticity: You can make the skin soft and plump elastic, lubricated cuticle, stimulate skin microcirculation.

Promote skin metabolism, skin smooth, glossy and reduce wrinkles.