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Perfect eyebrown shell - 2nd generation

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Perfect eyebrown shell - 2nd generation

How to use: 

Aim and position eyebrow eyebrow comb board will reason out the excess of the eyebrows, is not easy to handle cover line of sight, out of repair will not be so different eyebrows. Colorful mini-eyebrow knife supplemented by magicboard will be scattered according to scrape off the eyebrows, the perfectsymmetry of the brow is established.
The new card also 
with eyebrow pierced eyebrow, eyebrow or eyebrow pencil directly, you want to be able to outline the  comes perfect curve! Modelinglightweight, convenient, pretty waitress who is pursuing an indispensable props.The auxiliary controller at Mei Feng, eyebrow eyebrow comb board will reason outthe excess of the eyebrows.

Convenient handle will not cover the line of sight, out of repair will not be sodifferent eyebrows. Colorful mini-eyebrow knife supplemented by magic board will be scattered according to scrape off the eyebrows, the perfect symmetry of thebrow is established. The new card also comes with eyebrow pierced eyebrow,eyebrow or eyebrow pencil directly, you want to be able to outline the perfectcurve!
Modeling lightweight, convenient, pretty waitress who is pursuing an indispensable props.

Step one: to "crush model device" aimed at a first side of the eyebrow, alignedbrow and Meishan and press lightly fixed.

Step two: will see the model there will be some device outside the Soke, this timecan be modified using cosmetic scissors, to remove the excess of the Soke.

Step three: then in the same way, trim the other side of the eyebrows, to complete the natural and symmetrical eyebrow.