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Veet Aloe Vera hair removal cream 60g

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Veet Aloe Vera hair removal cream 60g

Wei Ting VEET hair removal cream (aloe vera-based) 60g

Baby description:

Aloe vera-based hair removal cream (suitable for all skin types)
New aloe vera-based hair removal cream, hair removal for dry and dry skin is designed to soften the hair follicle the hair thoroughly eliminate the hair easily. Contains aloe vera, chamomile ingredients replenish skin with moisture and nutrients, intimate care of delicate skin. Attached (skin care) curette, curette close to the skin when used, to ensure a smooth and efficient manner eliminate the root of each hair, easy to have a velvet smooth skin.

Wei Ting hair removal cream series applied to the arms, legs, arms and bikini line can effectively remove body hair at the same time, they protect your delicate skin. Wei Ting hair removal cream with a new formula, and aloe latex were added almond essence to effectively play the role of moisture, keeping skin smooth and soft and more lasting. Wei Ting series of hair removal cream contains active ingredients that can soften the contact with body hair and the root part of hair is easy to disconnect, then Wei Ting especially with some care the skin 』curette and scrape off the hair gently, smooth effect than generally more durable razor; and re-grow body hair texture soft; ruled out with a razor hair removal body hair becomes coarse after the trouble.

Veet hair removal cream with three of the latest:

Wild Honey-type hair removal cream (suitable for all skin types)

Almond Emulsion type hair removal cream (for sensitive skin types) 

Aloe vera-based hair removal cream (suitable for all skin types)

Product Content:
Wei Ting hair removal cream 1 x 100g
1 x "skin care" curette

The direction of hair growth hair removal cream by squeezing put on the skin, scrape with the included key to open the back-end to hair removal cream evenly coated. 


For hair removal cream on the skin for 5 minutes (no more than 10 minutes), scrape with a curette front of the remaining hair removal cream.