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WORLD HOT SELLING ~Lohashill fine honey skin mask

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WORLD HOT SELLING ~Lohashill fine honey skin mask

Honey Facial Mask living Yan thin skin

Provide nutrients for the skin pores of modified skin activating Huancai meticulous skin smoother small defects

Ingredients: Honey, collagen, elastin, natural vitamin E, A, living cell growth factor.
Effect: you can immediately add stratum corneum moisture, deep moisture, promote cell growth, skin full of elasticity, played moisture, white, tender, fade away, calm water and wrinkles due to its unique essence of bees provide skin whitening better nutrition, shrink pores, penetrate through the super power to make significant improvements in skin, skin unprecedented ideal state.

1, each time using the mask, pre-nursing program may be spent before dead skin deep cleansing facial factors can significantly speed up the mask penetrate the skin to improve more significantly.
2, open the small package, expand the mask gently spreads in the face with your fingers to press the air bubbles out of, so that the face mask and fit tightly.
3,15-20 minutes remove the mask, then rinse with water.
4, one day, once every 6 days, the skin healthy and radiant, in order to maintain the best condition, the proposed continued use after a week and then 1-2 tablets.

1, This product is a one-time items, can not be reused. If the skin with pimples, broken, or inflammation of the phenomenon, please caution.
2, white exfoliating elements are deep cleaning care products, personal skin characteristics required to use, it is recommended to use once or twice weekly.
3, each mask should not be too long using time, because when wet mask, the skin absorbs nutrients will do, but the mask dries, it will absorb moisture within the skin.
4, the product should be stored in cool and ventilated place, please read the instructions before use, due to different characteristics of each person's skin, if not, please use the process suspended.