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Korea Fashion ★ LED small mushroom lamp energy saving lamp nightlight

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Korea Fashion ★ LED small mushroom lamp energy saving lamp nightlight

A click-to-bright light anytime, anywhere to bring you!

Placed in the corridor around the corner, closet, car seats, the toolbox, storage box medium-low-light corners, as long as you are

Hand-touch as soon as you shines. With it, life is more at ease!

Can be placed in bed at night when you pat them on the light. Do not have to play lights.

Placed in one corner of the night does not pass, you will feel warm. Is very convenient and practical.

【Product Description】 The forest mushrooms with a home, so that spring to often. Lovely exaggerated form, so that night-light, such as mushroom-like spread blossoming in your home, decorating your life, more suitable for children room to use. The mere touch of warm light moment flashing red, blue, powder ... ... colorful, bright, in every corner of the house is decorated inside like a starry night sky, warm and romantic refreshing.

On the bed, simple and convenient, so that you are no longer afraid of the dark.

【Material】 PP Material Product

【Color】 pink / red / blue / yellow / green / multicolour random

【Product specification】 about 8 * 8 * 8.5cm

【Packing】 carton packaging

PS: power supply and it takes another three on the 7th battery. 5 kinds of color is not random hair color Remark

Usage: Gently press the mushroom heads, they can emit a warm light.