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Peel off France Collagen Capsule Mask for acne, hoary head & black head

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Peel off France Collagen Capsule Mask for acne, hoary head & black head

Collagen Capsule from France made with German Ingredients.


One pack consist of 10 capsule. Suitable for all skin type. Acne, mature skin, oily and dry skin.

Functions :

  1. Pull out acne. ( the hoary head, blackhead easily )
  2. Hydrating, moisturizing. ( active the collagen cell to increase to live )
  3. The age-fighting essential that started it all! E capsulated, single-dose capsules prove to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  4. Instantly re-texturizes and give the radiant looks.
  5. Helps enhance hydration, strengthen and firm skin's apperance.
  6. Skin feels noticeably softer & smoother.

Advantages :

  1. No more rashes/swelling after pressing on infected area/face. Thus less pain and leave less scar. Pores will become less visible after using several times. 
  2. DIY at your own leisure time at home.
  3. Time & Money saving as now you can pull out all the blackhead, acne, dead skin while pampering your skin with collagen that give you a more fairer, smoother, younger and finer skin with just one single capsule!
  4. Speed up the time in recovering new & old scar which give you a perfect skin.
  5. No mess, no complicated proces.

How often you need?

Used at least twice a week when just started to get a really nice and clean face during the first 2-3 weeks. Once you feel your face has improved or less problem than before, you can use it once a week to maintain the best result. Bear in mind our body skin renewal process takes 28 days. So if you want to keep young and pefect skin, maintaining and taking care of your face is your life time task!

As quoted in http://www.bioskinrepair.com/regeneration/naturalskinrenewal.html


 " The best way to prevent and reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, or any kind of blemish is to help your skin produce a higher level of Collagen and Elastin "  


Skin renews itself through a natural process. Usually the renewal process takes 28 days. In this period of time skin removes old scales to create new ones. Using a natural treatment ( collagen capsule can fulfil this requirement ), this process can be much faster. An efficient treatment will be one that respects your skin complexion, using the natural skin renewal process to create new and healthy skin, and to prevent wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks or any other bothersome skin problems.


What you need?

The collagen capsule, oil blotting paper, facial bowl or any bowl, a soft facial brush.

As easy as step 1, 2 & 3 as per below :

  1. Prepare the bowl, brush and the oil blotting paper.
  2. 1st washed face with deep cleansing milk and so a gentle simple scrub for best result.
  3. Open 1 collagen capsule, pour the powder into the bowl.
  4. Use a little ice filtered water or general make-up water mix the collagen powder to smooth paste. Do not add too much water or the paste will be too watery to be effective.
  5. Brushes the collagen paste on T-Zone area 1st ( cut & shape the paper to a nose shape before mixing the paste or before sticking ) Continue apply the paste to all remainding face lightly and stick the oil blotting paper one by one on the pimples/acne/whole face.
  6. Brush the collagen paste again over the oil blotting paper on your face. please brush equably to make sure that the oil blotting paper completely fit well on the face.
  7. Sit down and relax for 20 mins. Pull off the oil blotting paper gently and slowly from bottom and pull upwards. At this stage, you can clearly see the acne/blackhead had been pulled out together with the paper!
  8. Some people will feel slightly painful 1st time peeling but most of the time is bearable and you will feel less pain each time once your pores had become smaller and aso when the acne tend to get leeser.
  9. The paste which is left in the bowl cant be wasted either. Wash face with clean water again, pour some cream/lotion into the bowl, and again brush on the whole face and neck after mixing evenly with the paste left until the bowl is completely clean!

Original Price : RM388.00 per pack.

Promotion Price for limited stock : RM288/pack free shipping within Malaysia.

Each customer is only limited to one pack for this promotional price!!! HURRY BEFORE IT RUN OUT OF STOCK!